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What is the Open Online Training by INTEF?
The Open Online Training by INTEF is divided into three types:

MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), are an open training modality with proposals aimed at the digital aggregation of contents and a plan of learning activities open to collaboration, creation of professional communities and the digital transformation of education. These are courses aimed at the development and improvement of professional skills, especially the digital educational competence, and their registration is free for those who want to access and follow the training proposal.
A NANO Open Online Course is a nano collaborative open learning experience that provides participants with the opportunity to explore, learn and be evaluated on a key element of a competence, skill, or area of knowledge, through of an evidence of aggregate learning, and in a period of time that can range from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 20 hours of estimated effort of dedication to the NOOC. At NOOC INTEF we bet on nano-based training itineraries that help the participant to develop and / or acquire a digital competence of a specific competence level.
A Self-Paced Open Online Course is a learning experience aimed at the development of competences, specifically, the autonomous management of learning.
Each SPOOC created by the INTEF has a design that allows the participant to reach the proposed objective and achieve or improve their Digital Teaching Competence through a proposal to create a digital product, without a time limit. The purpose of the SPOOC INTEF is that each user can develop their autonomy in digital contexts, connect with professional communities and be able to generate and share valuable content for their own community in relation to the topic that is worked on in each course.
What is an online instructed course by INTEF?
It is a training course focused transversally towards the professional development of teachers, through proposals guided by teams of tutors and coordinators who monitor and evaluate the participants on a daily basis.

They are aimed at active teachers from Spanish stated-funded schools within levels prior to the university level, whose digital competence is at basic-intermediate levels (levels A-B of the Common Framework of Digital Competence for Teachers). The length of the courses is two months, and to facilitate the work and planning of the participants, all courses are available a few days in advance, so that participants become familiar with the digital learning environment.

The catalogue of online instructed courses is renewed annually and announced by means of the BOE. The call is divided into two editions, which are held in March-May (1st edition) and September-November (2nd edition). The bulk of the courses lasts 60-70 hours and certification is issued with training credits according to them.
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