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The open training platform of the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) offers, since 2015, a wide variety of learning activities aimed at different agents in the educational community with the aim of stimulating the exchange of points of view , resources, knowledge and experiences as well as to strengthen collaboration among teachers and between teachers and families. Likewise, its open nature allows communication with professionals from other fields, which is an excellent opportunity to enrich shared knowledge.

They address topics of general interest to the school community and present institutional, technological and pedagogical initiatives that promote innovation, social interaction and the development of skills, among which those of a digital nature are especially significant.

Its design is aimed at achieving the objectives initially set by means of a proposal of tasks, activities and content. In order to adapt to the diverse needs and availability of the participants, these massive courses (MOOC and NOOC) have a variable duration and, in some cases, are open indefinitely so that interested people can train in a self-taught way (SPOOC).

The purpose of the massive open and online courses of INTEF is that each user can independently develop their activity in digital contexts, connect with professional and educational communities and be able to generate and share useful content for their own community in relation to the different topics worked on.