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AprendeINTEF is a new Teacher Training model more focused on the development of competences, especially those related to collaboration through the net, management of autonomous learning and participation in educational communities. This new model of Teacher Training offered by INTEF intends to develop massive training processes based on open and social learning through activities that generate interaction, aggregated production, shared knowledge and the building of professional networks. In this sense, the MOOC experience presented here is designed as a social event for teachers who wish to share their learning experience.

The design of every MOOC created by INTEF will allow us to achieve the objectives initially planned through a combination of tasks, activities and contents to be addressed in an established time frame. The goal of AprendeINTEF is for every user to be able to develop self-sufficiency regarding digital environments, connect with professional communities and generate and share valuable content for his or her own community regarding the different topics covered in each MOOC.