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Open eTwinning INTEF

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#twinmooc - eTwinning is the largest European community for teachers. This SPOOC provides a comprenhesive understanding of the platform with the aim of enabling participants to design a quality project.

General Description

Throughout the activities we will see and work with the fundamentals of eTwinning. We will look at the entire life cycle of a project, starting with the initial idea, including finding a partner and negotiations to design a common project and up to implementation. We will include principles of project work and collaboration, as well as the educational use of various ICT tools.

We will also look at the social aspect of eTwinning, not only as a platform in which to implement educational projects, but also as a meeting place between colleagues, an environment where we can share ideas and participate in various professional development activities.

Insignia digital

By successfully accomplishing the activities, you will gain an open digital badge stored in the INTEF Open Badge Backpack ,that is awarded as recognition for the learning throughout the SPOOC. The estimated workload is only indicative, training hours not being certified. It is expected that the main motivation for participation in the SPOOC is personal learning, professional development and collaboration with other teachers.


At the end of the "Open eTwinning" SPOOC you will have:

  • designed a project that addresses part of your professional needs and concerns and which includes concepts regarding collaborative work and projects, browsed eTwinning Live and discovered its potential as a social network among teachers, including professional development, negotiated your idea with other colleagues, and reached agreements that establish a common project.

  • learned about ICT tools to help you carry out your ideas and facilitate your teaching, including the actual eTwinning tools.

Digital Competence

This SPOOC contributes to the development and improvement of the Teachers’ Digital Competence in all areas, especially focusing on Area 2. Communication and collaboration and Area 5. Problem solving of the Reference Digital Competence Framework for Teachers.

The satisfactory completion of the activities in the course will help you reach the following competence level:

  • B1 of competence 2.2. Sharing through digital technologies, working on the following descriptor: "I access easily files and documents that have been shared with me in a restricted online space".

  • B2 of competence 2.4. Collaborating through digital technologies, working on the following descriptor: "I organize activities to stimulate my students' use of online resources for collaborative work".

  • B1 of competence 5.2. Identifying needs and technological responses, working on the following descriptor: "Search, identify, filter, assess and select digital tools and resources to apply them afterwards in the classroom with the purpose of an efficient management of my teaching practice".

  • C1 of competence 5.3. Creatively using digital technologies, working on the following descriptor: "I know the processes for creating digital contents in a collaborative way with my colleagues through virtual environments".

Target audience

This SPOOC is aimed at working teachers in non-university education, people interested in education and those working in or related to educational practice, as well as any other person interested in the subject.


To participate in this SPOOC it is only necessary to have an internet connection that allows you to watch videos, since much of the content that we offer is in this format. Some skills in using digital environments are necessary in order to accomplish activities that foster reflection and debate.

You do not need to be registered in eTwinning to enroll this SPOOC. However, if you already are an eTwinner, or you are thinking on registering soon, please use the same email here than in the eTwinning platform. This way, we will be able to provide you with a better support.

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  1. Course Number

  2. Classes Start

    May 07, 2018
  3. Classes End

    Dec 31, 2018
  4. Estimated Effort

    Around 5 hours per week